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Fighting for fairer fees

Refund Students is a non-profit organisation set up to help students take legal action to get refunds on tuition and accommodation fees because of Covid.

Our first challenge is to find out if we do in fact have a case in law.  To do this we need an opinion from a top barrister and we have to find the money to pay for this and admin fees.  We reckon this to be around £35,000.

We ask you, then, to first of all sign up to the action.  It doesn’t cost anything to do this, but we need to crowd fund to cover costs so if you can please make a donation or ask parents or friends to do so.

Mounting a legal challenge to anything is difficult and complicated.  Big companies and powerful institutions often rely on this to stop people taking them to court.

But on this site you will find information about how a so-called Group Action financed by crowd funding would work.

A Parliamentary Committee has recommended that students are given refunds yet universities and the Government continue to say No.  But by joining together students can force them to do so with the help of the courts.

So please sign up and read how we can win.

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